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The right way to profit from the Internet

في الإثنين ديسمبر 13, 2010 4:18 pm

From: Bill McRea and Mike Williams (a.k.a. the traffic mafia)

To: Our next success story

Stay right where you are.

Don’t touch your mouse.

Don’t refresh the page.

I don’t know how you landed on this page…

but I can assure you that you have no idea where you are right now,

and you have no clue how close you are to having

a software tool that’s generated a six-figure income month after month like clockworkinto our accounts.

We’re Talking About

By the way, here’s what you will not need to make this system work:

Oh yeah…and before I forget….

You won’t need to blog,

You won’t need to brand yourself

You won’t need to ad swap.

You won’t even need consistent action.

As you’ll see in a moment, this software makes it all happen for you.

If you are a scammer or a spammer, please leave now.

We know what you’re up to, and we’ve already deactivated the software to make it impossible for you to use it for unethical purposes.

Please don’t waste your time.

Also, if everything you’ve been taught until now is making you good money, you also don’t belong here.

You can stop reading this letter and click off right now.

This is not for you.

If you’re happy with your profits and have all the spare time you need, this is not for you either.

But if your attempts at making money online have not worked out as well as you’ve expected…

you’re sick of empty promises and heartache..


This Is For You If You Finally Want To Catch A Break..

And you’re sick of traffic techniques that don’t work worth a darn and being told that you’ll make money only to get scammed again and again.

You’re sick of being jerked around from week to week being taught about
• conversions,

• copywriting,

• list building,

• CPA offers,

• team building,

• outsourcing, and

• on and on….

It is for you if you’re okay with taking a shortcut to success that does not involve the online version of slave labor.

If that’s you, you really need to glue your behind to the chair you’re sitting in…

and take in every word of this letter until the very end.

and probably will never be done again.

If you’re still here, I want you to be a part of it because you will not get a second chance at this one.

Because I believe that every human being deserves a chance at

true wealth and prosperity..

I’m going to let you in on a pretty important secret.

You can have autopilot income online. It just hasn’t worked for you yet.

We’re about to change that…

because for the first time in your online career…

you’re actually hearing from people who make their full-time income online from automated traffic solutions.

I’m talking about the Grand Poobah of automated traffic generation over here,…my friend and business partner, Bill McRea.

Along with me, Mike Williams.

There aren’t very many of us in the world.

There really aren’t very many true experts in automated traffic generation.

I know that will come as a shock to you because you’ve been hearing a lot of noise in our industry lately about automated traffic software …

“exploiting glitches”, finding “loopholes”,

and doing all sorts of other acrobatics that we never thought a piece of software could do.

I sincerely hope you haven’t been sucked in by those claims.

As you can see with your very own eyes…they drive the vast majority of their traffic through email lists and JV partners.That’s hardly an automated way to drive traffic.What are you to do?

Here’s a simple test you can try out right now.

It’s called the Google test.

The next time a guru is hyping up a traffic software solution, simply Google their name.

Wouldn’t you think that if they are truly driving billions of impressions, their name would be showing up somewhere in the search engines?

Now try this simple test for the name “Bill McRea.”

Who out there in cyberspace is picking up more free traffic from more sites…

than any human could possibly dream of creating in a lifetime?

Your eyes don’t lie, folks.

This simple test should help you cut through the BS and find out who’s really driving free traffic using automated solutions and who’s just blowing smoke.

Bill and I are the real deal.

In fact, you’re looking at two families right now, our families, who are fed, clothed and put through some of the most expensive private schools in the country.

Here’s just a quick snapshot of our sales totals from the month of May this past year using the automated traffic systems we’re going to get to in just a moment.

In any case, that’s not the point of this letter.

It’s just something that I had to get off my chest.

We do have posers out there giving the whole automated traffic genre a bad name.

Bill and I have been stomping the search engines, social networks and social bookmarking sites for years…

and making a pretty darn good living of it.

In fact, in 2005, Bill drove so much automated traffic to an affiliate guitar website that he was able to sell that site to a multinational corporation at a seven-figure price tag.

That’s all pretty cool, but nothing prepared us for what happened in May of 2010.

That was when we generated the cash that you saw on the screenshot above.

That was the month when..

There was just simply so much cash flooding into our accounts that they couldn’t make heads or tails of where it was all coming from.

I know that seems unlikely, but it will all make sense to you when you know the story that’s stranger than fiction.

To truly appreciate this story that might actually have the hairs on your neck standing up..

you have to understand the two problems that true auto-traffic generation experts face.

There are two problems, mainly. One is maintenance, and the second one is setup time.

Although auto-traffic solutions can pump some incredible cash into your bank balance…

they will generally always require some maintenance as new sites come and go.

This happens on the internet more and more each day. They begin to lose their effectiveness and need to be updated.

That’s one problem that automated traffic solutions suffer from.

The second problem it suffers from is the setup time.

Although software can be made to drive tremendous amounts of traffic, if you want to do it right…

you still have to install the automated sites yourself, buy domain names, and create unique themes for each site.

As a result…

we were always limited as to how many niches we could play ball in at the same time.

We always struggled with these issues. As a result, we always had what we call our secret wish list…

which was the list of things we would like to see in the ultimate automated traffic generation machine.

It was just a pipe dream that we would keep on the wall in the office, and we always got a kick out of it.

Our secret wish list read as follows.

The ultimate traffic generation machine would:
• Create keyword target content that’s high value to the reader and do it on complete autopilot.

• Set up multiple streams of income on complete autopilot.

• Track the behavior of the most aggressive marketers on the internet and adjust its methods accordingly.
That way we’d always stay one step ahead of the curve.

• Scoop up free traffic, not from one, two or even 10 different sites but from 68 different traffic sources

• Not break any terms of service of any websites.

Not break any laws, foreign or domestic.

• Play ball and actually be generating traffic in up to 40 niches at the same time while we whiled away
under our desks for a siesta.

Of course, we wanted the entire thing to be able to be set up in 30 minutes or less.

This is a site specifically for the guys the Fortune 500 guys have on speed dial.

They’re programmers doing things that you probably won’t find out about for half a decade.

As we assumed, our little wish list got quite a few chuckles, and nobody really took us up on the challenge to meet all these criteria.

That was until we got a flare from a programmer who finally had the stones to give it a go.

because when he’s programming stuff, he has eight arms all working at the same time in perfect symphony.

He has fridges full of Red Bull at the ready.

He was up for the challenge.
The gauntlet was thrown, and The Spider went to work.He was up for the challenge.Six weeks later, we received a disk in the mail in an unmarked envelope with no return address.We opened it up, and on the disk were written the words “beta test.” It was the software that supposedly had fulfilled everything we asked for in our secret wish list.We popped it into the hard drive with bated breath.We had a look around at how it worked. It was pretty incredible.

We knew everything we were doing was legal, but it just felt strange to be driving traffic from so many niches all at one time and doing it so quickly.

What happened next had us doing a pretty geeky happy dance.

We made our down payment back within the first month.

Having the software system running with multiple traffic streams and multiple streams of income in multiple niches was working its magic.

The only thing was we hadn’t even released a fraction of the power of the software.

As you can imagine…

we were pretty stoked about the money we were able to generate on complete autopilot using only free traffic.

Those first-month results got us a little giddy.

The next month, in May, we went for broke. We added 58 more traffic streams that month. Yes, I said 58.

That was when PayPal temporarily put the smack down on our account.

which taught us that we were going to have to start spreading the money from these automated systems out over several merchant accounts instead of just one.

These are the kinds of problems you want to be dealing with in your business.

We learned our lesson, but we’ve never looked back to any other traffic generation method since then.

The software that we now know as Massive Passive Profits was born.

After months of testing and tweaking, we believe it’s finally ready for public consumption.

It’s ready for you to step into the driver’s seat and see what kind of automated profit windfalls this software can create in your bank account.

We would not recommend running all the profits through one merchant account, as that can get you shut down pretty fast.

Let’s quickly review exactly what this software you’re about to access is going to do for you.

It will build your entire site including themes and the latest plug-ins, all 100% on autopilot.
It will build your content 100% on autopilot.
It’s actually content your readers will enjoy and pass around to their friends.
It will build up a naturally growing and linking system far better and faster than any human could possibly do. Of course, it’s all 100% on autopilot.
It will set up your monetization system, fully equipped with three diverse income streams on every single site.
It will post the content to your sites, 100% on autopilot. We mean it when we say these sites are completely, 100% hands-free.
It will syndicate the content and your links through a vast array of social networks…doing hundreds of hours’ worth of labor at the push of a button.
Of course, it does it all without violating the terms of service of any website and without getting you into trouble with any of the major search engines.
Once set up, it will go to work building up multiple income streams in up to 40 different niches simultaneously. We’re adding more niches all the time.
it will actually seek out new Web 2.0 properties as they arise.
The linking and syndication strategies actually do become more sophisticated with time as it tracks and models the movements of the most advanced linking artists from all over the web.

Just picture what this means for a moment.

It means never having to create content again to drive traffic.

It means never having to beg for a joint venture again…

and never having to create products again, unless of course you enjoy the process.

It means never having to build a single link again.

Can you taste the freedom you’re about to experience?

This is real.

This is what we have for you today.

Only a small group of fast movers who jump on this opportunity before the rest will ever see it firsthand.

I know you’re wondering how much your investment is going to be for software like this..

because there’s never been anything like it before.

I guarantee that.

You’re probably wondering how much you’re going to have to invest to get your hands on it.

To be honest, I personally think that most people would probably not let this kind of software go at any price.

They would probably hoard it like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

Isn’t that exactly the problem with this industry?

Isn’t it true that everybody who seems to find something good in this industry is too selfish to share it with the others?

In the end, don’t we all lose out from that kind of selfish attitude?

Here’s the compromise we made.

We decided to pick a number that would be fair to us and to the market that supported us for so long.

We decided to make 199 slots available to use this software.

Two hundred was the basic idea, but 199 sounds a little bit more interesting.

The idea is…

that we do not want this kind of software getting into the wrong hands.

Just because certain sports cars can do 130 miles per hour on a residential road doesn’t mean you should use them that way.

There’s no telling what some black hat acrobat could do if they steal the software and thousands of people are all running it at the same time.

That’s why we feel that 199 are enough for those of you who want success badly enough to get a chance to have this software change your life.

It’s not too much to let the cat completely out of the bag.

That was a bit of a tangent about why we’re strictly limiting access to this to 199 people and no more.

Now we actually do have to get to the price.

And let me remind you… that you don’t have to buy this from us.

You can also figure out all the specifications that are needed to create an automated traffic generation machine just like this.

You can find “The Spider”, if he’s still available, and pay him the $100,000 yourself.

Then you’re in business.

If you think you’ll actually figure all this out for less than $100,000, then you have another thing coming.

That’s what the software’s actually worth.

We’re not even here to charge you $1,000 for this software, even though we know you could make that much in your first week.

As you can tell by how few people we’re letting actually purchase this, we are not in this to make a whole lot of money off this launch.

Our software does that for us just fine.

This has a lot more to do with pride than money.

his is about a true auto-traffic generation guru jumping into the ring with all the auto-traffic charlatans…

showing the industry that this stuff really does work…

and generally separating the men from the boys.

$500 is a ridiculous price for software like this..

that is already on its way to generating over $1 million worth of sales for us.

Even if this software generated one-hundredth of what it’s generated for us, it would be the most stellar investment you would have ever made in your career.

The truth is we don’t have a lot of time to find buyers who can fit the $500 price tag into their budget.

We’re looking for people who are ready to act right now and put this software into action…

so they can send us their results…

suggestions and ideas for making this software even more powerful than it already is.

We dropped the price significantly again to just $197.

Then we dropped it again to $97.

Just to ensure that everybody could avoid it if they act fast, we dropped it one last time to just $47.

While you let that totally insane price sink in, let me just lay on you…

Here’s what we want you to do. We want you to take the software and run it through the ringer. Have fun. Open up automated traffic generation sites in multiple niches. Set up multiple income streams. Let them run on autopilot. Make thousands of dollars in the first week. We don’t care. If you’re not happy with the software for any reason, contact ClickBank for a full refund, and they will process it within 24 hours.We’ll take that guarantee up a notch right now. If you haven’t seen real recurring automated income from the Massive Passive software in the first seven days, we want you to return it right away for a full refund.We don’t want your money unless you’re happy.Let’s just keep the good karma going all around.

You know the price, you know what the software can do, and you know you can try out the software completely risk-free and have up to 70 different traffic sources pounding your sites with traffic starting today.

You have an opportunity to see how that will change things for you.

You have another choice.

You can go back to the office and the hard work of list building, JV partners, copywriting and slow-growth grind.

You can keep whining about how much money everyone else is making online but you.

Before you take that route, I have to warn you of something I learned at a very young age.

Nothing can possibly change in your life unless you make the change. That kind of change starts right here from a decision just like this one.

As we part ways, I want you to just take a good look at this picture.

Let me just remind you that there are two types of people in a picture like this.

There are those who are briefly allowed by their job to take a stroll on a beach like this for a visit, but they know all the while that in just a day or two they’ll be chained back to their desk.

Then there are those who can actually go on a beach like this and stay as long as they like.

You’re about to get access to a system that can put you in that second category.

Now you have to ask yourself how badly you really want that in your life. The “Add to Cart” button is below.

Click it now before someone else takes your spot and this offer shuts down for good.

Thanks for your time, and we’ll see you on the inside with instant access to Massive Passive profits where we’re going to fire up your software in about 30 clicks.

See you then.

P.S. Don’t forget. Your new recurring income stream can be profitable as early as today…

And of course, if it doesn’t work out for any reason, you pay nothing!

It’s impossible to lose here…unless you walk away empty handed.
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